Month: November 2017

Tips On Choosing The Right Voice Talent For A Documentary

Documentaries are one way to relay important information or discuss important matters and have the audience relate to what the documentary is discussing. Given its significance, everything about the documentary should be flawless – including the voice over that will be narrating the whole thing.

This is why it is important to get the right talent to do the voice over for documentary projects you have. If you are currently looking for qualified voice talent to do the voice over, here are some scouting tips that you can follow:

  • Set a casting call

The first thing that you need to do set a casting call. A casting call would be the easier way to look for a voice talent than scouting it yourself. This way, it would be the talents that would be knocking on your door and not the other way around. But before you sent out notices to talent agencies, be sure to set down your criteria. Having a criteria would help narrow down choice on the initial audition. You can eliminate talents that are not qualified based on the criteria on the onset. Be clear with the criteria and give some details about the project. Be sure to get the word out about the audition and casting call so you will have lots of talents to choose from. As they say, “The more, the merrier.”


  • Do a short interview

The voice of the talent is important. But more than that, they should be able to understand the piece that they will read and narrate. Understanding the piece would allow the talent to give proper and right emotion to the script. If their understanding of the script is aligned to your objective and message of the documentary, then they can be a viable candidate for the project.


  • Review the audition piece of each

Once you are done with the short interviews, you can now start reviewing the audition piece. This maybe is exciting part but also the hardest. You need to stick with your criteria and check whether these talents met the requirements. You need to have a couple of opinion here to solidify the choices.


  • Narrow down to at least three

Once you heard all the audition piece, you can now start with narrowing it down to at least three candidates to do the voice over. Three is a good number. Too many choices will give you a hard time on choosing the right candidate.


  • Make a final audition

With three candidates competing for the post, you need to make a final audition. You may need to set a new criterion or edit the existing ones you have to determine who will pass the rigorous process.

Click here for more scouting tips.

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Why IB Curriculum-Based School Might Be The Best For Your Kid

Parents always want the best for their children, especially when it comes to getting the right education. We try to put them in the best private schools in Dubai and give them all the tools they need to learn and grow.

But aside from these factors, parents should also take into account the kind of curriculum that would suit their needs. One of the rising curriculum being offered to schools is the IB curriculum.

IB curriculum or International Baccalaureate is an internationally-accepted learning program that offers four types of learning courses based on aged – from the primary years to diploma program. IB schools in Dubai cover all these programs and promote the following benefits and advantages:


  • Promote the right attitude for learning


IB curriculum founders believe that the key to learning starts with the right attitude and that is what they try to incorporate on their program framework. Students are being taught to be critical and active thinkers, as opposed to the traditional type of learning which is passive, lecture type. Moreover, the program teaches students to develop research skills that can help them understand their lessons better and not solely rely on what the textbooks say.


  • Prepares your kid for the global environment


Nowadays, institutions are aiming to have their student ready for global challenges. The students are being prepared not only academically but also mentally and culturally. IB programs always inculcate the importance of cultural diversity and the global context. Subjects are created to understand variety of international subjects to make the students globally engaged, and this would include learning other languages other than their mother tongue.


  • Develop other facets of the students


Academics is just one part of a student’s learning process and IB programs do not just focus on that aspect. IB schools always incorporate enriching activities that can help develop other facets of students – from their physical development to their values. All aspects of personalities are touched to ensure that students are holistically prepared once they leave the institution.


  • Take into account the learning profile of students


To better understand the student’s learning needs, IB programs take into consideration the learning profile of their students. They break it down into 8 learner profiles – from the “inquirers” to the “reflective” type. By knowing these profiles, teacher would be able to devise lessons that can meet the needs of each students and no one gets left behind.

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Avoid These Before Renting An Office Space

So far, you’ve read about things that you should know before renting an office space in Dubai. it may be possible that you were wondering if all was acceptable when it comes to renting an office space in Dubai. Of course, like any city, Dubai also has its share of pros and cons. However, the benefits are so many that they far outweigh the drawbacks. Still, as a new comer and someone who has little to no knowledge about the place, or at least about renting office spaces here, it is pivotal to know things that you should do prior to renting an office space. Doing so will help you avoid indulging into things that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Here are more on things you should avoid doing before seeking cheap office space in dubai:

Not Doing Research

This is important and will let you explore the right options later on. The time you spend in researching will surely pay off at some stage. Doing so gives you firsthand knowledge of how the market is going. You will be in a better position to take the right decision. The online search reveals you the current position of spaces available in the city while contacting with friends and peers will give you firsthand information on which areas and places to explore to hire the right office space. However, when you don’t spend enough time doing research, you end up with little to no information about office spaces. You don’t know about the availability, the areas where these spaces are available and the prices that you will be paying once you rent an office. Also, you don’t know if the office space is adequate for your needs or not. Neither do you know if the office space has sufficient facilities that you need for your business or not. With so many question marks, it is evident that renting an office space without doing research is a bad idea. Therefore, you must spend adequate time doing research on your own. This will likely save you from unnecessary headaches you might end up suffering later.

Finding an adequate office space is by no means a difficult thing. All you need is to look for one in the right place. With sites like around to help you in your office space needs, you will not end up paying extra or rent an inadequately equipped office space.

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