Month: January 2018

How to get a Temp Job in Dubai

As Dubai becomes a truly global metropolis, the demand for new office worker is growing as well. Many offices are such that their work grows and then stalls, so they have a high demand for temporary workers, that are also called temps. This is a great opportunity for the workers who are not much experienced in their field, so they have not yet found a job. These are three basic tips to get a temp job in Dubai.

The first thing that you can do is contact HR outsourcing companies in Dubai and then get your CV to them. This will make sure that you are listed with these companies, so when there is demand for a temp, you may get called. However just being listed as a company does not mean that you will always get the job. So while you wait for your job, you should make sure that you are doing something that put you above the rest of the candidates when there is a job available.

The second thing that you can do is to beef up your CV while you wait for the call from the HR Company. The simplest thing to do in this regard is to sue freelancing websites and make sure that you have accumulated some experience while you wait for your temp job to be assigned to you. This will not only benefit you in the short term by bringing in some much-needed cash, but it will also beef up your CV, so the long-term effect will be cumulative.

The third thing that you must do while waiting for your call from temporary staffing agencies in Dubai, is to make sure that you are keeping yourself in good health and out of trouble. There have been a number of incidents, where good and decent office workers had to leave the country just because they were caught doing something illegal. So while you are free, make sure that you are not getting into trouble. Young people tend to lead volatile lifestyles, so you should make sure that you are not doing anything that may reflect badly on your CV.

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Attributes of a five-star hotel

The global hotel industry maintains very high standards for delivery of services to their customers. From one-star hotels to the seven-star hotels, quality standards differ at various levels. The five-star hotels are the best hotels for the very reason that keeps their customers a happy customer by a multitude of services, facilities, offers, and the delivery of the whole package in a professional fashion. However, there are many hotels which claim to be the five-star hotels but actually their standards of quality are a no match to what an actual five-star hotel maintains. The Miramar Hotel is one of the best hotels in the United Arab Emirates as it has been maintaining very high standards of services and facilities to their guests and customers.


Running a five-star hotel is not a child’s play. The management has to keep up with the highest hospitality standards to ensure their position among some of the best hotels in the world. There are many attributes that allow these hotels to join the elite club of five-star hotels. Some of these attributes are discussed below.


  1. Consistency of Services

The best hotels in the world are known for their quality services and consistency in delivering the highest standards facilities to their guests and customers. Their staff members are courteous, attentive, discreet, and have attention to detail so that the guests feel the warmth of the hospitality and feel safe and at home during their stay at the hotel.


  1. Personalized Services

The five-star hotels make sure that their guests get personalized services. Their staff members greet the guests with their names and offer them exclusive services which leave a lasting impression in their minds. They would ask their customers about what would they prefer in the menu. Such greetings and services always make the customers to return to your hotel.


  1. Cozy Furniture

When a person stays in a hotel, he is mostly going to stay there for a night or more than a night. During the night stay, all a person wants is a good comfortable bed that ensures peaceful sleeping experience. Many top hotels in the world take pride in their beds, for that matter. A five-star hotel would present its guests with the best furniture.


  1. VIP Services Assured

When you’re in a five-star hotel, you feel like a VIP. The management and other staff members of the hotel leave no stone unturned in delivering the top quality services to their guests. Moreover, some of these five-star hotels also offer their customers with a complimentary luxury house car service and a complimentary transfer service including a VIP service at the airport. Such services always add to the guests’ royal experience at the hotel.


Try this link to find out more on how the Miramar Hotel serves its customers and guests in the most remarkable way.

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Traits of the Best Doctor

The field of medical practitioner or doctor is one of the oldest professions in the history of the mankind. From the early days of our existence, the role of doctors and medical practitioners has always been central to keep humans healthy and safe from various diseases. Although, it wasn’t as sophisticated in the early days as it is now but in all ages, the importance of doctors has always been on the forefront of every society. Finding the best doctor in a country like the United Arab Emirates is an easy as well as a tricky task as each medical practitioner comes with a separate skills set. If you’re looking to find the best clinic in Fujairah, you may find it out on the link.


Not all the doctors come with the same skills set, experience, expertise, education, and temperament. There are many factors that separate the best from the rest. Some of these factors are listed below.


Knowledge of His Field

The best medical practitioner should have an absolute knowledge of his medical field. He must be aware of the human pathology and should know the functions extensively. The detailed knowledge of the human body always assists medical practitioners to suggest the right remedy and medications for the patients.


A Good Repute

A good doctor always comes with a good repute. Before you decide to hand control of your medical condition to a doctor, you must be aware of his or her medical reputation. A doctor with a good reputation automatically makes you feel great from inside. A doctor with a good reputation holds a professional degree and other government licensing credentials and board certification which are required to ensure quality health care services.


A Good Human

The profession of medical practitioner is all about serving the humanity. A person with a great nature and patience is what makes a doctor. If a doctor doesn’t have the patience, chances are that he would not be able to help you medically or professionally.


Efficient Communication Skills

A good doctor has to be a good listener so that he is able to get the best picture of what a patient is trying to depict. If he has efficient communication skills, he would be able to understand the medical issue first and then let the patient know in a calm and subtle way about the ways out. The patients who are able to interact with their medical practitioners freely instantly develop confidence and trust and are always motivated to try out the medications suggested by the doctor.


The above-mentioned qualities are some of the traits of great doctors. There is plenty more to it but if you’re looking to find the best clinic in International City Dubai, you should visit the link.

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