Month: February 2018

Importance of Accounting and Audit Firms

Auditing is one of the most important processes of evaluating and analyzing the company’s financial positions. Internal controls of any organization play a vital role in achieving organizational goals and establishments. Usually companies have their own finance department which monitors all day-to-day activities and financial statements to facilitate executives and owners of the company according to their queries and requirements but some companies use external support from the accounting firms in northern Emirates due to lack of expertise and resources.

For regulatory requirements in the United Arab Emirates, every company should maintain its own financial records and also an internal accounts and auditing department to ensure fair book keeping. Chartered accountants are quite skilled and professional individuals who provide accuracy in financial status of the company and minimize the chances of any reputational breach or law breaking. Financial reports are further analyzed by external auditors who are assigned by government or any business management authority of the country to undertake fair and independent audit and ensure transparency of record keeping. Any type of fraud and miscommunication is highly illegal and could result in license cancellation of the company.

A systematic way of auditing and accounting will benefit any company or business in the following manner.

  • Real valuation of any organization is very important to maintain and increase the consumer and potential customer’s faith and trust to further invest in the company with full confidence.
  • Cash flows and resource allocations are better understandable for the company’s executive for improvements and maximizing the profitability.
  • A close monitoring and examining every departmental record enables the company to reduce or eliminate risks and any material or immaterial losses.
  • An internal risk and audit department helps the firm in any type of decision making which is related to any business or investment plans and needs quantitative judgments and scenario scanning.

Internal auditing department and its staff maintain and check every internally and externally enforced policy, rules and regulations on timely basis for reducing chances of policy breach or any regulatory fines. Internal auditors also eliminate the chances of any fraud or misuse of material records.

Reports and financial analysis prepared or authorized by internal auditors are considered reliable due to their financial expertise and detailed knowledge about different risk eliminating methodologies. Their valuable suggestions are always helpful in business improvements and future commitments for expansion or resource allocations.

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Finding The Top Translation Service In Town

Now that we’ve learned a little about how much attention and research it takes to find the right translation service, it is time to move a step further to find one. As we know that translation services are no ordinary entities. On the contrary, they are highly skilled and qualified services that have years of experience in handling tasks of varying difficulties and magnitudes. It is evident that translation services know their art and how to turn even the most difficult piece of text into an easily readable document. However, finding such a translation company around you is by no means easy. In fact, it is by all means a little more complicated than you and all those who need them, think. Similarly, having your legal translation in Abu Dhabi done is also complicated provided you end up finding a suitable service. It has come down to this, you need a translation service and they are plenty of them out there. You need a quality one and don’t know how and where to find one. Here is what to do to find one near you without wasting al lot of time and money:


You need not to conduct your own surveys, rather reading some recently done existing surveys online will do your search a world of good. On the other hand, you also need to do your own research. For this purpose, you should bring in your entire social circle and ask them all about names and contact numbers of translation services they know near them. The result will start to come almost instantly as your inbox will be flooded with names and numbers of reputable translation companies.

Begin Contacting

The first phase is done and dusted so let’s move on to the next phase. Here, you will start contacting each service and ask some predetermined questions. The idea is to find a service that is not only reputable but has enough experience for handling different types of translations and satisfied customers. Speaking of customers, you should also ask for testimonials so that you could get first hand feedback from customers. If customers praise them and their ability to provide technical translation without breaking sweat, or more complex ones, you should immediately look to hire them.

While you are at it, don’t forget to consider experience and other necessary steps into your search as well. Doing so will only help ease your search and you will eventually find one much sooner that you had anticipated.

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