How to get a Temp Job in Dubai

As Dubai becomes a truly global metropolis, the demand for new office worker is growing as well. Many offices are such that their work grows and then stalls, so they have a high demand for temporary workers, that are also called temps. This is a great opportunity for the workers who are not much experienced in their field, so they have not yet found a job. These are three basic tips to get a temp job in Dubai.

The first thing that you can do is contact HR outsourcing companies in Dubai and then get your CV to them. This will make sure that you are listed with these companies, so when there is demand for a temp, you may get called. However just being listed as a company does not mean that you will always get the job. So while you wait for your job, you should make sure that you are doing something that put you above the rest of the candidates when there is a job available.

The second thing that you can do is to beef up your CV while you wait for the call from the HR Company. The simplest thing to do in this regard is to sue freelancing websites and make sure that you have accumulated some experience while you wait for your temp job to be assigned to you. This will not only benefit you in the short term by bringing in some much-needed cash, but it will also beef up your CV, so the long-term effect will be cumulative.

The third thing that you must do while waiting for your call from temporary staffing agencies in Dubai, is to make sure that you are keeping yourself in good health and out of trouble. There have been a number of incidents, where good and decent office workers had to leave the country just because they were caught doing something illegal. So while you are free, make sure that you are not getting into trouble. Young people tend to lead volatile lifestyles, so you should make sure that you are not doing anything that may reflect badly on your CV.

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Things To Avoid Before Starting A Company In UAE

So far, you’ve learned about things you will be required to perform to make sure your company establishes early. But, is there any precaution involved too? After all, you may not be doing all the things in the right way. There must be something that you need to avoid. In fact, there are several things to avoid. Doing any of these will not only delay the formation of your company, they also have the potential to land you into troubled waters. Now that you re intrigued, it is time to think about things that can go horrendously wrong during the formation of the company. If this your first attempt at doing business in UAE, chances are that you need to learn a lot of things.

You may not be aware of the technicalities involved and might not know how to deal with things. Remember, forming a company in a new place is by no means easy. It requires you to go through many things often simultaneously. The legal aspect is another area where some fresh entrepreneurs often fail. Since failure is not an option, and you are too keen to do business and you should be, it makes all the sense to keep a check on things that might run you into trouble. Doing so will not only smoothen the process of company formation in UAE, it will also put you in the driving seat soon enough. Here is more on things to keep in check and know how to register a company in Abu Dhabi:

Never Run Before You Run

You may fancy your ability to do things in a hurry but this will not work here. The paperwork and legal aspects of setting up a company calls for keeping a calming approach. First you should look for an adequate place to set up your office. This can either be in a free zone or a regular one. Once you’ve decided the location, it is time to look for reputable company set up consultants in the area. Keep in mind that you might need to look for different company startup consultants for different zones. Then, you should pay attention to the legal side and paperwork. You have no idea how these things work here so better leave these to those who do. Involving in these on your own will surely mess things up big time.

With all said and done, know that setup up new business in UAE not as difficult as some think; you just need to be patient.

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Avoid These Before Renting An Office Space

So far, you’ve read about things that you should know before renting an office space in Dubai. it may be possible that you were wondering if all was acceptable when it comes to renting an office space in Dubai. Of course, like any city, Dubai also has its share of pros and cons. However, the benefits are so many that they far outweigh the drawbacks. Still, as a new comer and someone who has little to no knowledge about the place, or at least about renting office spaces here, it is pivotal to know things that you should do prior to renting an office space. Doing so will help you avoid indulging into things that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Here are more on things you should avoid doing before seeking office space for rent in Dubai:

Not Doing Research

This is important and will let you explore the right options later on. The time you spend in researching will surely pay off at some stage. Doing so gives you firsthand knowledge of how the market is going. You will be in a better position to take the right decision. The online search reveals you the current position of spaces available in the city while contacting with friends and peers will give you firsthand information on which areas and places to explore to hire the right office space. However, when you don’t spend enough time doing research, you end up with little to no information about office spaces. You don’t know about the availability, the areas where these spaces are available and the prices that you will be paying once you rent an office. Also, you don’t know if the office space is adequate for your needs or not. Neither do you know if the office space has sufficient facilities that you need for your business or not. With so many question marks, it is evident that renting an office space without doing research is a bad idea. Therefore, you must spend adequate time doing research on your own. This will likely save you from unnecessary headaches you might end up suffering later.

Finding an adequate office space is by no means a difficult thing. All you need is to look for one in the right place. With sites like around to help you in your office space needs, you will not end up paying extra or rent an inadequately equipped office space.

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Professions that can take advantage of co-working spaces

Co-working space is the newest trend in the business real estate. The concept of sharing an office share with a complete stranger became a fad and the number of going for this new concept is fast growing. It is not a surprise though since it presents a number of benefits to the renters. For one, the cost of renting a co-working space is less than purchasing your own office.

Another advantage is the flexibility. Unlike traditional renting space, you are not chained by terms and agreements. You can go for as long (or as short) as you like without a cent of worry. There is also a study conducted that employees who are in co-working spaces thrive better than those who are in a traditional office set-up. And these professionals find the set up ideal for them:



  1. Writers

If you are a writer trying to finish a book or beating a deadline then working on a co-working space can do wonders for you. You can have the space and quiet that you need to help you focus on your writing. If you need some ideas, you can consult your nearby “neighbor” and asked for their thoughts. Most co-working spaces in Dubai have great interiors and this might inspire you to churn out creative ideas for your book or writeup.


  1. Business owners

A lot of business owners are taking advantage of this set up to build their empire. Aside from the low cost, business owners can easily market their business to others. They can conduct their business operations and meet potential partners, clients, and employee in one space. Co-working spaces create a hub of people who works independently but shares a commonality. But if the business owner preferred a more private set up, there are serviced offices in Dubai that caters to this kind of requirement.



  1. Consultants

Consultants need a space to gather their thoughts so they can help out their clients. Working on a café or restaurant, they can do their presentations and case studies might affect their thoughts as they will be constantly bothered by endless stream of people coming in and out of the establishment. Co-working space can be a perfect set up for them as they can have the privacy they need to get their work done.


  1. Freelancers

If you are a freelancer working at home, you might need to have a change of scene to get you into the work mode. Working at home have its advantages, but it can get old and you have to battle to lots of distraction like your bed, the TV, and household chores. Working in a semi-office set up can boost you work morale and you can consult with other freelancers if you need some help.


  1. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are quite busy individuals and need their own space to help out their clients. A table at a co-working space can help them organize their files, work on their task and finish all their deliverable without being bothered by others.

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Tips for choosing a perfect tax consultant

It’s once again the tax season but you haven’t hired any tax consultant and now you are worried because your company is at risk. What to do in such situation? Who to believe and who not to? For sure right now there are thousands of questions running in your brain and you are doubtful regarding the consultant which you will hire will be good or bad.

You must be thinking that the teenagers’ days were awesome when you don’t used to think about tax and all but now everything has changed, your marital status, your properties and now you need to pay taxes. For sure tax preparation is not an easy task which one can tackle. It is a huge task and you just don’t think about doing it all alone. Moreover if you own a business in Dubai then for sure you need a good value added tax consultant in Dubai.

Once you hire a good tax consultant then you just set yourself free from all worries as tax consultant knows how to do his job in a perfect manner. Moreover, a good tax consultant will surely take care of the nitty gritty details, involved. But yes relationship is the key; you need to maintain a good relationship with the tax consultant so that he provides you with the best advice on everything.

The real problem is who to ask to hire a good consultant, how will you get a good tax consultant? Well, you don’t need to worry; here you will find all the tips which will e helpful for you while choosing the tax consultant.

You need to consult the right person

To be very honest you just can’t rely on your friends for this, you may be thinking that it is good to ask the friends and relatives who have gained experience in this but you need to know that it’s a very bad idea. So just quit it right now because your relatives and your friends who seem really close or you might not be the perfect tax consultant you are looking for. What else you can do is, search for the tax consultant on yellow pages, for sure you will get plenty of tax consultants.

Decide & hire

Once you are done searching on yellow pages the next step is to shortlist those who have enough experience and a proven record. Your reputation is at risk so just don’t play with it. Interview the text consultant and analyze how pro he is into his work. Then you will get to know the real details. If you want to know about great tax consultants, visit website

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Want to Upgrade Your Home? 5 Simple Customized Projects for You

Have you recently moved to your new apartment? Have you been living for a decade in your current home and would want a makeover for your beloved house? While moving pieces of furniture can sometimes do the trick in freshening up the look of your interiors, there are also minor details that actually have a major effect in the quality of life for your family.


Here are five simple home upgrade projects that can work for you.


Potpourri and Oils

If you’ve been to a business trip abroad and have lived for a few weeks in a hotel, you probably love it every time you enter the lobby and smell the fresh, wonderful scent of a good hotel. If your house smells musty and old, it’s probably a great idea to buy those potpourris and oils you see at the supermarket. However, those can be expensive, too. If you want to save time and still enjoy the scent of vanilla, mint, or fresh linen, you can create a do-it-yourself version of those beautiful scents. You can buy the cheaper raw materials like the bottles, essential oils, and flowers and customize the smells for each room in your home.


Rugs and Carpets

To improve the look and feel of utmost comfort in your home, why not create your own rugs and carpets? Recycle those old towels and sew thick, deep rugs to be placed at the foot of your bed. You can also visit a printing service provider and choose a new, funky carpet design for your living area. These give character to your space and also serve as a conversation piece for your visitors.


Mugs and Coasters

Any home can either have too few or too many mugs. If you have a new apartment, you have probably brought with you those old, commemorative mugs from your office anniversary. Or perhaps you have an assortment of random mugs that you’ve received from colleagues after all those years. Now is the time to put those in a box and get a set of new mugs and even paper or hardboard coasters to match. You’ll feel richer during meals with just those simple mugs and coasters.


Stickers and Labels

Another simple yet creative idea for a home upgrade is to label everything in your home. Well, not really everything, but it is cute to label those cookie jars and cans in the pantry, right? You can print customized stickers and labels for your electric switches, too.  Upgrade your bathrooms and bedrooms with door hangers, too, and you’ll really feel like you’re living a lavish, hotel-like home life. There are reliable sticker, labels, and door hanger printing service providers in the neighborhood if this idea suits you.



You can also repaint the walls of your rooms as a small renovation project. However, if that is too costly for your plans, why not change the wallpapers instead? You can click here for wallpaper printing needs. Choose from a wide variety of wallpaper colors, areas, and textures for a better home living.

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Whether you are a large enterprise catering to a number of people and industries or a thriving small business unit, you need something that would help you manage your business assets. And what better way to do it is investing on a top notch business software solution.


Some business owners do have apprehension on using this kind of solution.  What they do is they prefer to consult with a number of professionals to get the job done. This can be costly and managing a number of consultants might be stressful for some entrepreneurs. With a business software, you can personally manage your business and hire less people to see to it that everything is in order.



  1. Streamlining the processes


One of the main features of business software solutions is eliminating unnecessary business processes that can hinder productivity.  SAP partners in UAE agree that software like this eliminate repetitive tasks and procedures and increase efficiency within the team.


  1. Minimize human errors


Errors and blunders in business costs money. And if these errors are not resolved immediately, it can cost you or your business a great deal of your business money.  ERP software in Dubai can help lessen these instances since everything is already set up. No procedure or process will be forgotten and if there are errors committed, you can instantly spot check them and resolve them immediately.


  1. Cost efficiency


Investing on a software solution can be expensive, that is why a lot of business owners hesitate on purchasing one. But once they maximize the features of their business solution software, they can see that their business is getting better. With improved efficiency, you can instantly earn the money you spend on your software and it can help you in the long run.


  1. Help on managing the business better


With a proper system, it will be easier for business owners to manage every aspect of the business. Every detail of the project can be checked. Since most the software include calendars and time tracking function, managers can see how far along they are on the project. They can also set their timetables and see if the project is being done on time and on budget.


  1. Provide assistance on tracking your business growth

Foresight is a quality that every business owner should possess. But without data, it will be a difficult task. ERP software can give entrepreneur this advantage as this software has tools for accurate forecasting by giving realistic estimates.

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Here’s how you can set up a new business in Dubai

The minute you start talking about establishing a business in Dubai, you are literally going to get bombarded with advice upon advice about how to go about it. This can easily frustrate you and leave you confused as to how to handle things. To be honest, there is no reason why you should overanalyze things on your own as it will only confuse you. To help you out, here’s a look into a few tips that are sure to help you out with the establishment of your business in Dubai:
Come up with a detailed plan

A detailed plan with bits upon bits of information related to what you want is extremely important. When you come up with this plan for RAK offshore company formation, make sure that it contains extensive detailed pertaining to the ways in which all future challenges will be dealt with is mentioned as well. It should also present information about upcoming opportunities, your mission and vision, target audience, milestones and measurable goals etc. However, the one thing that you should bear in mind is that your plan should be rather flexible in nature so that it can accommodate any future changes that might come up.
Surround yourself with the right people

When you plan on establishing an offshore business in Dubai, there are many different people that you need to surround yourself with. This includes mentors and strategic partners of course. However, apart from them, you should also have an amazing team that has the potential to manage the overall operations of your business. You need to make sure that you only take on the services of employees who have the passion to excel in their field and build on their careers. In case your employees do not have that drive in themselves, there is no way that your business will be able to succeed.


Networking is important

There is no way for a business to succeed if it refrains from networking on a professional level. If truth be told, if you want to see your offshore company to succeed in the long-term, it is necessary for you to indulge in professional networking. To be honest, this is going to go a long way in helping you creating word of mouth for your business. Till the time that you establish your business, this word of mouth will be the biggest success factor for you. Visit website for more information in this regard.

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2017 Trends in Business Products and Services

As you know, millennials are young individuals who reach adulthood during the early part of the 21st century. More have been appearing and because of this, they are now the largest living group of people, based on the findings of the Census Bureau. Many millennials are now in charge of purchasing decisions. This only means that the business trends for the following years need to cater even more to this busy generation. Here are some business strategies that you need to analyze:

  1. Non-technical entrepreneurs should have tools in building tech products. Using technology in business is a necessary thing. It is imperative that you learn how to use technology and make it a staple part of your business. You need to do so if you want to compete in the market. WordPress is one of the CMS platforms you should consider. It allows you to manage your website, even if you only have little experience in building a business online with the help of technology.
  2. Help the personal brand. Oprah Winfrey and Anthony Robbins owe their global brands to personal branding. With the help of the internet, their playing field opened for them, making it more even. The same goes for ordinary people. Because of the internet, anyone can have a chance at succeeding in life. Tools for personal branding will trend more in 2017. When this happens, there will be fewer direct competitors and more individuality for your brand.
  3. Remote employee training. Remote employees were non-existent a decade ago. These days, hires are already done remotely. IBM spearheaded this and since then, many companies followed. Talented millennials are now hired from any location, if they have access to reliable computers and Internet connection.
  4. Millennials are embraced by businesses. Millennials are very different from the baby boomers. Millennials are creative in finding ways to do their jobs a bit better and improve the processes that happen in their workplace. This paves the way to innovation, starting a huge amount of change inside big companies. This will happen more as more millennials join the workforce in 2017.
  5. More companies up for sale. Baby boomers are now retiring and the businesses thy own are starting to be up for sale. This is where the millennials come in. They buy these businesses and reinvent them. Businesses are different now. Certain items that you could only find in specialty shops before are now accessible with just one click of a mouse.
  6. Nutrition tracking. Female millennials are very concerned with their nutrition and health. They do so more than anyone in the past generations. Tracking nutrition and fitness levels are now easier because of software and apps. You can look forward to more health app choices in 2017.
  7. Rising e-commerce. Once you decide to sell you products and services online, expect a rise in your revenue. Using social media and your website can reach many potential customers, who can also become regular customers, eventually. E-commerce will continue to be the best means of exposure for businesses in 2017.

Business products and services will continuously improve in 2017. If you are bent on making your company grow this year. Just continue to use technology, so that you can reach more customers and highly skilled workers on a global scale.

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