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It’s the Groom’s Turn! 4 Handsome Wedding Suits for Men

When it comes to weddings, the bride is usually the center of attraction, the apple of everyone’s eye. Her bridal gown, her bouquet, and even her hair and make-up are meticulously and intricately stylized. However, though the spotlight inevitably turns to the bride, the groom is just as important on this special day.


If you’re a bride-to-be helping her fiancé find a tailored suit for your big day, or you’re a groom trying to get an idea on what to wear for when you finally say “I Do,” we’ve got you covered here. Scroll down and see four iconic styles of bespoke suits that will surely make you as dashing as you can be.


The Black Tuxedo – This is a timeless suit that never fails to impress. Any men’s fashion stylist will give you this as an option as it can suit different body types. Plus, it can go with almost every kind of wedding theme, making it a virtually fool-proof choice. If you are not really into black, an all-white tuxedo will give you just as much charisma on your special day.


Two-piece – A two-piece suit is perfect for semi-formal or casual weddings, such as one held on the beach or a garden. It can transform any groom into a dapper gentleman, and it allows you to be more flexible when it comes to the combination of colours and styles. You can mix and match two to three colours for a truly unique look.


Three-piece suit – Unlike a two-piece suit, a three-piece ensemble includes a vest worn inside, in addition to the shirt and tie or bowtie. Three-piece suits look more formal even when the coat is unbuttoned. Like the tuxedo, it is the perfect option for formal weddings. If you want to have something extra special for your wedding day, you can visit a tailor that creates bespoke suits in Dubai. Bespoke suits are especially designed and made for you, so you can be sure it fits you perfectly. With that, you can be 100 percent sure you’ll look great on your big day!

Casual wedding suit – If you and your bride really want a casual affair, you can opt for casual trousers and shirts. This is popular for couples who are planning to have a wedding on the beach and do not want too much frills on their big day. It is convenient and comfy, and you don’t have to spend much for something that you’ll only wear once or a few times in your life. Casual weddings are also convenient for your guests, as they don’t have to conform to a strict formal wedding attire.


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Selling Pet Food Online

Pet health is a priority for all pet parents. If you provide the right food to your fur baby, your fur baby develops optimal health. This is why the pet food business remains resilient despite fluctuations in the country’s economy. The American Pet Products Association says that back in 2010, pet owners spent around 18.28 Billion USD on pet food.

Gourmet pet food includes canned foods, pet treats, and gourmet dry food. Many pet parents give their fur babies special treats either to spoil them or to celebrate special occasions with them. This type of pet food is also for those who do not want to feed their fur babies commercial and mass produced pet foods, which are usually filled with low-grade protein, fillers, artificial colors, artificial flavors, cheap grains, and unhealthy fats.

Local pet bakeries and online gourmet pet shops offer gourmet food including pastries, ice cream, cupcakes, biscuits, and cookies. There are also gourmet food stores that offer personalized and customized food and treats for certain occasions such as birthdays. All natural or organic treats and food encourage pet owners to maintain healthy living and eating for their fur babies.

Many online pet gourmet food companies offer food products that are hormone-free, oven-baked, and are made of organic ingredients. Some of the ingredients they use are broccoli, avocado cottage cheese, kelp powder, cheddar cheese, brown rice, yellow squash, free range chicken, bacon, cinnamon, molasses, and fruits such as apple.

These gourmet food stores (online and offline) offer human grade ingredients without any by-products and preservatives. These stores do not have rice protein or wheat concentrate in their products.  These two ingredients have been the cause of commercial pet food product recalls in the past.

Other gourmet pet food companies think of making pet versions of human foods that they want to give their pets. Ice cream is one of these foods. Some pet parents want to give ice cream to their fur babies but they do not want to feed them the animal fats, dairy products, preservatives, and chemicals present in the ice cream that humans eat. The all-natural pet ice cream recipe that these online gourmet ice cream shops use are well-liked and healthy for fur babies.

If you want to start your own pet food store online, you need to know how to prepare the ingredients, cook, and then bake. Be sure that you find the perfect niche in which you want to focus. This niche should make you stand out from the competition. Think of something that other gourmet pet food companies do not offer.

Take note that you can establish a gourmet pet food store from the comfort of your home. Then sell your products to your consumers through your online store or in your physical pet store. You can even offer to sell wholesale to pet retailers and independent sellers.

The most important thing that you need to know is to think about products that pets will really love to consume. Once the pets love the taste and yearn for it all the time, it will be easier for you to get regular customers. Perhaps try your recipes on your own pets first.  This could truly establish the fact that your products are pet approved.

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