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Why IB Curriculum-Based School Might Be The Best For Your Kid

Parents always want the best for their children, especially when it comes to getting the right education. We try to put them in the best private schools in Dubai and give them all the tools they need to learn and grow.

But aside from these factors, parents should also take into account the kind of curriculum that would suit their needs. One of the rising curriculum being offered to schools is the IB curriculum.

IB curriculum or International Baccalaureate is an internationally-accepted learning program that offers four types of learning courses based on aged – from the primary years to diploma program. IB schools in Dubai cover all these programs and promote the following benefits and advantages:


  • Promote the right attitude for learning


IB curriculum founders believe that the key to learning starts with the right attitude and that is what they try to incorporate on their program framework. Students are being taught to be critical and active thinkers, as opposed to the traditional type of learning which is passive, lecture type. Moreover, the program teaches students to develop research skills that can help them understand their lessons better and not solely rely on what the textbooks say.


  • Prepares your kid for the global environment


Nowadays, institutions are aiming to have their student ready for global challenges. The students are being prepared not only academically but also mentally and culturally. IB programs always inculcate the importance of cultural diversity and the global context. Subjects are created to understand variety of international subjects to make the students globally engaged, and this would include learning other languages other than their mother tongue.


  • Develop other facets of the students


Academics is just one part of a student’s learning process and IB programs do not just focus on that aspect. IB schools always incorporate enriching activities that can help develop other facets of students – from their physical development to their values. All aspects of personalities are touched to ensure that students are holistically prepared once they leave the institution.


  • Take into account the learning profile of students


To better understand the student’s learning needs, IB programs take into consideration the learning profile of their students. They break it down into 8 learner profiles – from the “inquirers” to the “reflective” type. By knowing these profiles, teacher would be able to devise lessons that can meet the needs of each students and no one gets left behind.

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Tips on finding the right school for your kids

Choosing the right school for your kid doesn’t come easy these days. To be honest, the number of schools opening up these days around neighbourhoods is on the rise, which makes choosing the right one even harder. For that, here are a few tips that will help you choose the best school for your child without having to struggle too much:


List out the schools in your vicinity

Before anything else, it is important for you to prepare a list of all the schools in Muhaisnah in your vicinity. You can easily look these up on the internet. Once you have a list at hand, go through their websites to acquire information about them. This is going to help you understand where you want your child to study or gain at least a basic understanding of what you are looking for.


Choices, choices, choices

Once you have a list of schools, pick out three schools from the list where you would want your child to study.  After that, look into their curriculum, mission and vision, rules and regulations, the extra-curricular activities they offer, fee structure and any other element that you might be interested in.


Get in touch with the schools

Now that you have basic information about the schools with you, get in touch with them over the phone or visit the schools in public. This is going to help you verify any of the claims that the schools may have made on their websites. On top of it all, it will also help you assess the overall environment at the schools. You must also take a look at the overall buildings of the schools too and make sure that they are of excellent condition. Check out the classrooms as well together with restrooms. While you are there, make sure that the restrooms are hygienic and well-ventilated. On the whole, ask yourself if your child will be comfortable in the sort of environment there is at the school – consider the American curriculum school in Dubai only if your answer is a straight yes.


Talk it out

While you are at the school, it is important for you to speak with the school principal and teacher too. Assess them and see whether they are friendly and pleasant to talk to or not. It will be very evident from the way they talk as to whether they like children or not. Inquire about their teaching techniques and methods too, so you can work out if they are good enough for your child. Remember, these are the people who will be dealing with your child every single day, so you need to make sure that your child is in good hands.

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