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Attributes of a five-star hotel

The global hotel industry maintains very high standards for delivery of services to their customers. From one-star hotels to the seven-star hotels, quality standards differ at various levels. The five-star hotels are the best hotels for the very reason that keeps their customers a happy customer by a multitude of services, facilities, offers, and the delivery of the whole package in a professional fashion. However, there are many hotels which claim to be the five-star hotels but actually their standards of quality are a no match to what an actual five-star hotel maintains. The Miramar Hotel is one of the best hotels in the United Arab Emirates as it has been maintaining very high standards of services and facilities to their guests and customers.


Running a five-star hotel is not a child’s play. The management has to keep up with the highest hospitality standards to ensure their position among some of the best hotels in the world. There are many attributes that allow these hotels to join the elite club of five-star hotels. Some of these attributes are discussed below.


  1. Consistency of Services

The best hotels in the world are known for their quality services and consistency in delivering the highest standards facilities to their guests and customers. Their staff members are courteous, attentive, discreet, and have attention to detail so that the guests feel the warmth of the hospitality and feel safe and at home during their stay at the hotel.


  1. Personalized Services

The five-star hotels make sure that their guests get personalized services. Their staff members greet the guests with their names and offer them exclusive services which leave a lasting impression in their minds. They would ask their customers about what would they prefer in the menu. Such greetings and services always make the customers to return to your hotel.


  1. Cozy Furniture

When a person stays in a hotel, he is mostly going to stay there for a night or more than a night. During the night stay, all a person wants is a good comfortable bed that ensures peaceful sleeping experience. Many top hotels in the world take pride in their beds, for that matter. A five-star hotel would present its guests with the best furniture.


  1. VIP Services Assured

When you’re in a five-star hotel, you feel like a VIP. The management and other staff members of the hotel leave no stone unturned in delivering the top quality services to their guests. Moreover, some of these five-star hotels also offer their customers with a complimentary luxury house car service and a complimentary transfer service including a VIP service at the airport. Such services always add to the guests’ royal experience at the hotel.


Try this link to find out more on how the Miramar Hotel serves its customers and guests in the most remarkable way.

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Tips On Choosing The Right Voice Talent For A Documentary

Documentaries are one way to relay important information or discuss important matters and have the audience relate to what the documentary is discussing. Given its significance, everything about the documentary should be flawless – including the voice over that will be narrating the whole thing.

This is why it is important to get the right talent to do the voice over for documentary projects you have. If you are currently looking for qualified voice talent to do the voice over, here are some scouting tips that you can follow:

  • Set a casting call

The first thing that you need to do set a casting call. A casting call would be the easier way to look for a voice talent than scouting it yourself. This way, it would be the talents that would be knocking on your door and not the other way around. But before you sent out notices to talent agencies, be sure to set down your criteria. Having a criteria would help narrow down choice on the initial audition. You can eliminate talents that are not qualified based on the criteria on the onset. Be clear with the criteria and give some details about the project. Be sure to get the word out about the audition and casting call so you will have lots of talents to choose from. As they say, “The more, the merrier.”


  • Do a short interview

The voice of the talent is important. But more than that, they should be able to understand the piece that they will read and narrate. Understanding the piece would allow the talent to give proper and right emotion to the script. If their understanding of the script is aligned to your objective and message of the documentary, then they can be a viable candidate for the project.


  • Review the audition piece of each

Once you are done with the short interviews, you can now start reviewing the audition piece. This maybe is exciting part but also the hardest. You need to stick with your criteria and check whether these talents met the requirements. You need to have a couple of opinion here to solidify the choices.


  • Narrow down to at least three

Once you heard all the audition piece, you can now start with narrowing it down to at least three candidates to do the voice over. Three is a good number. Too many choices will give you a hard time on choosing the right candidate.


  • Make a final audition

With three candidates competing for the post, you need to make a final audition. You may need to set a new criterion or edit the existing ones you have to determine who will pass the rigorous process.

Click here for more scouting tips.

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Basics Of Kitchen Countertops To Buy

So, you’ve decided to have finally decided to give your kitchen a fresh look. That’s heartening to know, but do you know what things you should be looking in a kitchen top? If you’ve never had to refresh your kitchen top before, chances are that you have little to no idea about new kitchen tops. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and start from the basics. In case you missed the point, it means that you’ll have to go through the entire process of knowing, searching and hiring the solid surface kitchen counters in a gradual manner.

This doesn’t mean that you will have a hard time finding a solid surface maker or acquiring knowledge about common solid surfaces being used today. On the contrary, it simply means your research and hard work will pay off and you will eventually find the right service for your needs. When you do, and you will, your freshly installed solid surface kitchen countertop will serve you for many years to come. Here is more on what basics you should know before buying solid surface kitchen countertops in UAE:



There are several types of solid surface materials available in the market. Off course, each of these materials is designed to provide you top quality material at an affordable price. No matter how much you want, you will not be able to break any of these materials with your bare hands. Having difficulty believing this claim? Try breaking a block of granite, quartz or Corian, and you will know how sturdy they are. Out of all features that these solid surfaces offer you, their durability and sturdiness are two features that stand out. There are others like these materials being nonporous which makes them near waterproof. It also means that other liquids will also not penetrate their surface. Hence, you can use them as bleakly as possible.


In terms of reliability and durability, these materials are as close to natural stone as possible. In fact, Granite is a type of stone that is quite rare. It is widely regarded as one of the toughest types of stone in the world. It has been used for residential, commercial and military purposes for many decades. Corian is a relatively new material that was designed by DuPont. The material is rugged and nonporous and a little cheaper compared to quartz and Granite. All three materials make for a great kitchen countertop and are widely used in many parts of the world.

Now that you know the basics, it is time to find a reliable solid countertop maker for your kitchen countertop.

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Several Advantages and Disadvantages of a Latex Mattress

To begin with, a latex mattress is a kind of mattress that is made from non-toxic and soft organic components. Unlike other types of mattresses, the latex variant contains no metal. It has been in existence since 1925.

We have listed some advantages and disadvantages of a latex mattress to help you decide if it’s the perfect kind of mattress for you.




  1. It lasts long.

When used properly or if you would use a mattress protector from Dubai, latex mattresses can last for up to four decades. Although they are a bit more expensive than the other types, you would surely get your money’s worth because of their quality and durability.

  1. It is resistant to many things.

A latex mattress is commonly made from natural latex, synthetic vulcanized rubber, or additives. It is compact, making it resistant to bed bugs, dust, odor, and other insects. It has so-called anti-microbial properties which are ideal for people who are prone to allergies and those who have weak immune system.


  1. It promotes good posture.

According to bedding experts, the latex mattress is the most comfortable kind of mattress. It is firmer than the rest of the mattress family, perfect for people who have posture problems, back pain, and scoliosis.


  1. It adapts to the body’s temperature.

Some latex mattresses have been reported to blend with the body’s temperature. This feature of a mattress is highly beneficial for people who are on the extremes of sweating easily and shivering abruptly.




  1. It is not easy to transport

Because of a latex mattress’ extra solid quality, the owner would face several inconveniences while setting up the mattress. It is heavier than the other types of mattresses, thus harder to move from one place to another. Even changing the bed sheets would also be a challenge for the latex variant.


  1. It is more expensive than the others.

As mentioned above, this type of mattress is more expensive than the other types because of the materials used and its impressive features.


  1. It has a distracting smell on the first few weeks.

We all know the smell of a new fabric that many people don’t like. A latex mattress usually has the same distracting smell that would last for a couple of weeks or even more than a month.

If you have some questions regarding latex mattresses and other types of mattress, kindly reach out to Bafte, the sleep store. They operate several mattress stores in India and the United Arab Emirates.

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5 Reason You Need A Boxing Workout

Whenever we hear the word “boxing”, the first words that comes to mind are weight division, punching and brawling. What we do not know is that, boxing can be beneficial for our body and health. Most people do not see this sport as a way to get fit.


But boxing enthusiasts know that this activity has a lot of advantages, especially in the fitness department. That is why a lot of people are taking boxing trainings and looking for boxing classes Dubai training centers offer. If you want to get into this healthy workout, know what are the pros that you can get.


  1. A good cardiovascular workout


The usual cardiovascular workout that we know is running and jogging. But boxing training can also provide you with a good cardio workout by perfecting your kicking, punching, and knocking down your opponent-partner. Boxing can increase your heart rate to a healthy level and exercise your lungs as well.


  1. Tones your belly


Belly flabs is not a pretty sight. Punch your way to a toned abs by boxing! Since boxing is a full body workout, you can expect that your hip muscles and your core will be strengthen. Boxing can also burn more calories than by simply lying on the floor for your run-on-the-mill belly exercises. Boxing is also a good calorie-burning workout so you can be sure to lose weight while boxing out.


  1. Relieves stress


We all know that stress can cause tremendous negative effect on your health. Beat the stress by doing some boxing exercises. Focus all the negativity on punching and you can instantly feel that your stress is melting away. If you feel frustrated, angry, and discourage, boxing can definitely drain these negative feelings from you.


  1. Improve posture and grace


One of the unknown benefits of boxing is it can improve grace and body posture. One of the key benefits of boxing is that it builds body awareness which helps you on improving your balance and body coordination. And good balance can help you walk with confidence and grace.


  1. Improve hand and eye


Fine motor skills is something that boxing can provide you. Boxing training sessions are created to improve your hand-eye coordination which is important to have a good stance and punch and react to target easily. It can also develop your motor skills and reflexes better. You can use this in emergency situations wherein you need to be alert and fast.


Visit our website to know more about the benefits of boxing.

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Reasons why you need a packing service?

When it is about moving to a new location, you get very concerned and you just feel lost that time and you sometimes can’t make a sound decision. So much keeps on running across your head and that moving a house part doesn’t let you think straight.

You often feel confused regarding, should you hire someone to pack the things or should you go a professional moving services. Mostly people get confused when they think about moving companies because they think that their household, their furniture ill get damaged and a moving company will not take care of it properly. That’s the reason because of which people are reluctant to hire a moving company

Well, now there is nothing to be concerned for! You can surely find a good professional company that helps you in doing it all without damaging your stuff. They offer you everything, be it packing services or dismantling the furniture or setting it up on your new location, they do it all for you. If you are still not convinced that you should hire a good moving company then here are 2 reasons which are convincing enough and after reading those 3 reasons you won’t say again that you don’t need a moving company.

Your time is worth it!

Suppose you are moving a house to entirely different location, you have to do a million things then, you need to make sure that the complete moving process runs smoothly. And it isn’t like that your company gives you a week off just because you are relocating, you need to mange your work and moving together. So, how would you do it? First you get so tired from the day’s work then you return home and you start packing stuff. Do you think it’s easy or sounds convenient? Well, surely not! You definitely need someone to help you with it. You need a helping hand for it and nothing can be better than a moving company who is always ready to provide you with the upbeat services.


Suppose you have some antique stuff or you have the antique furniture and you have emotional attachment with it. When you will do the packing then for sure you are going to do justice with it. You will end up damaging it. While if you hire a professional moving company and you will take their packing services as well then they will make sure that your goods reach safely from point A to point B and you don’t face any trouble. If you wish to know about the best moving companies that provide you perfect services at pocket-friendly rates then click here

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All you should know about dosing pumps

A majority of people out there think that keeping an aquarium full of fish is very easy. To them, all it takes is to dump a few fish into a water tank, feed them every now and then, and that’s it. The fact of the matter is that your underwater ecosystem simply cannot thrive unless you put in a bit of additional effort. For this, it is necessary for you to make sure that the water and other environmental conditions in the water take are properly maintained. For instance, if the pH is too high in your tank, it is going to end up being very dirty and it will not be possible for the fish to survive.


The best means of approaching this issue is to use a dosing pump in your aquarium. For those who don’t know, this is basically an apparatus that works somewhat like a ‘time-release’ mechanism, thereby releasing the chemicals required to preserve the overall balance in your aquarium in a timely manner.


Further details

Dosing pumps happen to be a small apparatus that are powered by either an air actuator or a small electric motor. An internal pump controller or an external control system is required to control these and alter the flow rate together with the on and off function.


So how do dosing pumps function? There are various methods by which these can work, depending on the model and brand. However, the one thing common between all these methods is that of injecting a measured amount of a chemical into a pipe or similar vessel. The different parts involved in a dosing pump setup are:


The foot valve: This is basically a one-way valve that is firmly attached to a suction line. It is placed within the drum of the chemical tank and makes it possible for the pump to be primed. However, it needs to have a bit of weight on it so that it can remain fixed at the bottom of the drum.


The pump: This is actually a mix of chemical resistant plastics, rubbers and stainless steel and tends to vary in terms of its materials and size. It comes with a suction line going into the inlet and the dosing line fixed to the suction.


The injector: This one-way valve is meant to help inject chemicals and other elements into the valve so that it can be pushed into the delivery pipe and flowed out. Visit for more information in this regard.

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Tips on making the most out of online gift delivery services

Things can get a bit frustrating when distance makes it hard for you to gift things to your loved ones in person. However, with so many online gift delivery services around these days, you can easily have your gifts delivered to them. To be honest, such services are a true blessing brought to us by the wonders of technology.


However, with so many service providers around, it is necessary for you to be a bit careful when opting for online gift delivery in Dubai. This is because you need to make sure that you get the best value for the money and efforts that you are putting in. For that, here are a few tips that will definitely help you out:


Is it a legitimate delivery service?

Before anything else, it is necessary for you to validate that it is a legitimate delivery service provider. You should find out whether they actually deliver to the area where the recipient is based. Apart from that, make sure that you go through the feedback or reviews that they have received from previous clients. This way it will be possible for you to get basic insight to what you can expect from their services.


Go through their list of gifts

A majority of gift delivery services found on the internet deal with chocolates, flowers and other common types of gifts. Before placing an order, make sure that they have things that are the perfect match for the person you wish to send them to. If the store doesn’t have what you are interested in, speak to one of their customer support representatives and find out whether it can be arranged.


How soon can it be delivered?

The best part about online gift delivery services is that they are very location specific. They have separate representatives in different locations, which makes it easier for them to deliver gifts in the quickest manner possible. You need to bear in mind that perishable items like flowers are best delivered quickly so they can fresh the recipient when they are fresh. For this reason, it is best for you to choose an online gift shop Dubai that guarantees quick deliveries.


If you really want to have an excellent experience with online gift deliveries, it is highly recommended for you to make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above. Good luck with your search for the best online gift delivery services!

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Questions you need to ask to the fitness trainer

Gone are the days of carelessness, nowadays people are getting more concerned about their health. Health awareness has made people to look for the methods that keep them healthy and fit. Now people are hiring fitness trainers for the workout because they do understand its importance.

Now it is very simple to get a good fitness trainer in Dubai. People hire fitness trainer because they make their workout interesting and easier. A fitness trainer helps you in improving your excersing techniques and tells you the perfect of staying fit and healthy.

Fitness trainer gives you appropriate guidance regarding the lifestyle; he helps you in changing your eating habits. Well, before hiring a fitness trainer, you need to ask him some questions which are

His qualification

It is an essential requirement; your fitness trainer needs to be qualified. You need to verify that he s enough qualified to provide the fitness training. Mostly people just claim that they are qualified so you need to check properly whether he has good knowledge about fitness or not, does he have a certification or not.


Appearance really matters a lot. Do you want to hire a trainer who looks like a couch potato and owns multiple certifications? Off-course you don’t. So appearance is the major factor, you just can’t ignore it. Well appearance doesn’t mean that he needs to be a hunk to help you coming into shape but yes he needs to have a good built. He needs to have a pleasant appearance.


Before hiring a fitness trainer, you need to ask him for references. You just can’t trust a person easily. You need to hear the views of his previous clients. Don’t ignore the references he gives you, do a proper check, talk to them and inquire whether they have achieved their weight loss goals or not with the help of this fitness trainer. It is a big no to hire a fitness trainer without references.


The charges of a fitness trainer vary. You need to do the proper research about the fitness trainer and his level of expertise. You need to ask quotes from 3-4 different fitness trainers to get the best deal. Some people give a lame excuse that online training programs for fitness are there, they don’t need to hire a trainer. Well the answer of this question is that online training programs don’t motivate everyone. Some people need a trainer to motivate them, to boost their moral.

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Which industries use slitting saws?

When it comes to slitting saws, there are countless industries that make use of these. These are typically inclusive of those that deal with cardboard, packaging, film production, paper, plastic processing and production, metal processing, cutting, food processing, separation, milling, food, metal, and many others.
If truth be told, the utilization of slitting saws has increased substantially in the past couple of years. A majority of slitting and cutting procedures are now carried out with the help of slitting saws for the simple reason that they allow for precise cutting. The best part about these is that they are highly resistant to wear and tear, and are extremely tough too.


The utilization of slitting saws in the steel industry

Slitting saws are used for the cutting of all types of steel at all Dubai fabrication companies. These are inclusive of aluminum as well as stainless steels.  The slitting saws that are particularly used in this industry are known to have a longer lifetime together with better performance. In order to fulfil the continually growing demands of the industry, a number of newer models have been introduced, all of which guarantee higher productivity over a variety of materials. Irrespective of whether there are super high speed steels, or high speed ones at hand, slitting saws are particularly meant for milling, cutting off, and even grooving not just steels, but their alloys as well over fully automatic, semi-automatic and even manual machines.



Slitting saws in the jewelry industry

Yes, slitting saws, amongst many other industries, are also used in the jewelry industry. The one used herein are particularly designed in such a manner that they can easily cut through thin materials. These are meant for materials that require delicate and light cuts. For instance, these are used for thin tubing, wiring etc.


The usage of slitting saws in the rubber and plastic industry
When it comes to the rubber and plastic industry, having a proper cutting system in place holds utmost importance. This is because it guarantees a quick and highly optimized manufacturing procedure. It is for this reason that slitting saws with a proper setup are commonly used in both of these industries.


The thing with slitting saws herein is that they allow for optimal processing and separation technology. The saws used in these industries are rather sophisticated, considering the nature of the materials that they would be cutting through.  Depending on the materials at hand, the ones that are commonly used in the rubber and plastic industry are those made out of steel PM, tool steel, HSS or high speed steel and chrome steel. The kinds of materials that these are commonly used to cut through are auto tires, rubber profiles, hydraulic hoses etc. For more information, visit website right now!

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