Which industries use slitting saws?

When it comes to slitting saws, there are countless industries that make use of these. These are typically inclusive of those that deal with cardboard, packaging, film production, paper, plastic processing and production, metal processing, cutting, food processing, separation, milling, food, metal, and many others.
If truth be told, the utilization of slitting saws has increased substantially in the past couple of years. A majority of slitting and cutting procedures are now carried out with the help of slitting saws for the simple reason that they allow for precise cutting. The best part about these is that they are highly resistant to wear and tear, and are extremely tough too.


The utilization of slitting saws in the steel industry

Slitting saws are used for the cutting of all types of steel at all Dubai fabrication companies. These are inclusive of aluminum as well as stainless steels.  The slitting saws that are particularly used in this industry are known to have a longer lifetime together with better performance. In order to fulfil the continually growing demands of the industry, a number of newer models have been introduced, all of which guarantee higher productivity over a variety of materials. Irrespective of whether there are super high speed steels, or high speed ones at hand, slitting saws are particularly meant for milling, cutting off, and even grooving not just steels, but their alloys as well over fully automatic, semi-automatic and even manual machines.



Slitting saws in the jewelry industry

Yes, slitting saws, amongst many other industries, are also used in the jewelry industry. The one used herein are particularly designed in such a manner that they can easily cut through thin materials. These are meant for materials that require delicate and light cuts. For instance, these are used for thin tubing, wiring etc.


The usage of slitting saws in the rubber and plastic industry
When it comes to the rubber and plastic industry, having a proper cutting system in place holds utmost importance. This is because it guarantees a quick and highly optimized manufacturing procedure. It is for this reason that slitting saws with a proper setup are commonly used in both of these industries.


The thing with slitting saws herein is that they allow for optimal processing and separation technology. The saws used in these industries are rather sophisticated, considering the nature of the materials that they would be cutting through.  Depending on the materials at hand, the ones that are commonly used in the rubber and plastic industry are those made out of steel PM, tool steel, HSS or high speed steel and chrome steel. The kinds of materials that these are commonly used to cut through are auto tires, rubber profiles, hydraulic hoses etc. For more information, visit website right now!


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